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What If Sarek had died instead of Amanda?

So...... I am catching up on some of my old Marvel comics (haven’t read them in years). Marvel comics used to be very notorious for writing stories about an event that could have taken place in their universe but never did. The comics where called: What If.

I think the most famous one was a Spiderman issue that was called: What If Aunt May had died instead of Uncle Ben.

This got me thinking.

What if Sarek had died on Vulcan instead of Amanda? How would Spock's reaction have been? Do you think he would have felt the same anger and sadness for the loss of his father like he did for his mother?

Spock grew up thinking that his was the product of an arranged marriage. I don’t think he himself could fully understand or could explain why he is in a romantic relationship.Its not like his parents were a bright example of love and romance.

Lets be honest, the most important reason why Amanda died in the film was to make Sarek say the.......‘‘I love you’’ words, which was basically a plot device for the Spock/Uhura relationship as it was quite obvious that the message kirk was going to give to Uhura on behalf of Spock was also the ‘‘I love you’’ words.

Lets also be honest again....Spock would never have admitted his feelings for Uhura, if his father had not admitted his feeling for mother.

If Amanda had lived do you Spock would have embraced his humanity or would have gone Vulcan 101 since he will be left with the knowledge of his father's feeling towards his mother , A knowledge of a marriage that was based on logic and not love.

I doubt Sarek ever told Amanda to her face that he loved her. If Amanda had live instead of Sarek, what hope could she have given to Spock about his late father that would have made Spock embrace his humanity?
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