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Re: Are You Going to Watch Any Episodes That Relate to STID ???

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As a addicted trek fan I'm going to have a week of watching episodes and movies before the new movie comes out..... Just to get me into the vibe !!! I'm trying not to read anymore spoilers about STID !!! So here's my list ??


ST TWOK ( Khan Rumours )
ST UC ( Klingons )
NU Trek 09 ( Reboot )


Space Seed TOS ( see above )
Any TOS episode with the famous three in KIRK SPOCK MCCOY
Errand Of Mercy TOS (Klingons)
Day of the Dove TOS (Klingons )
Enterprise S4 Augment story Arc

So what's yours ??
Add to that:

The Counter-Clock Incident TAS (Robert April Rumours)
Affliction/Divergeance ENT (Klingon Augment experiments, Section 31 rumours)
Demons/Terra Prime ENT (Peter Weller's previous human Star Trek character, more Section 31)
Broken Bow ENT hopefully on Blu ray (Klingon first contact, rumours of another Enterprise)
The Menagerie, Part I & II TOS (what happened to Pike in the Prime Universe)
STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE Season 5 on Netflix Facebook page
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