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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Who is EarthGov going to copy next, Caligula?
I can absolutely, 100% guarantee that at no point will anyone in the Earth Alliance emulate Caligula.
Call it an object lesson in why context really does matter.
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You'd think the Emperor's personal guard would be a bit more open to bribes, especially since they have to realise at this point that he's insane and likely to get them all killed, if he doesn't kill them for fun.
An Empire that employs overly imaginative, disloyal or easily bribed guards trusted to protect the Emperor will end up going through a *lot* of The Centauri Empire has been around a *long* time, so they know better. It's pretty much a given that the Emperor's personal guard are very carefully chosen for their fanatical loyalty and questionable self preservation instincts.

Also, so long as there's random murder going around, chances are that his guards are the ones doing the dirty work, thus they are the least likely to be murdered. Questioning or calling attention to this state of affairs sound like a very unhealthy course of action to me.

The narn's reaction to being set free was weird. They were totally defeated when they started a war with the Centauri. now, with no military, they want to get revenge. That revenge would probably just end with the centauri decided to exterminate them, and the narn couldn't stop it. You don't need to be a genius to figure out that attack a force that destroyed you completely when you actually had weapons to fight them is only going to end badly for you.
Angry mobs and their mouthy leaders aren't often known for their capacity for rational thought. In that state of mind, he and others like him would probably attempt to assault Centauri Prime armed with nothing but cooking utensils and harsh language. Also, that guy was clearly drunk.

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...That is far different then telling me exactly how he dies.
Despite what you might think, you still don't know exactly how and why Londo dies. You just don't.
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