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Re: Caroline Skinner Has Quit!

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Certainly, he was very much the rake before meeting Sue...
"Between the marriages, I shagged my way round television studios like a mechanical digger. Sue and I got together at the Edinburgh TV Festival and she likes to tell the story of how I was en route to another date the night we met. Conveniently she's blanked from her memory the fact that she did the same. She was just as dreadful as me."

I'm a bit disappointed I'm not at GB anymore today. No doubt the Mods "Delete" button is getting worked overtime as they try to keep their BBC masters happy.
Or maybe as they try not to get sued?

So let's get this straight, in between running two shows, and spending time with his family, Moffat was also playing away from home? Seriously when would he find the time, or is this supposed to be the explanation why his scripts never come in on time?

And as evidence goes, the fact that as a single man he shagged about a bit is pretty thin given that's what a lot of single men (and in fact women) do before settling down with someone.

And even if they did have a thing, hardly crime of the century stuff is it?
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