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Re: Godzilla 2014: Rumors, Pix and filming

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From what I know they are using CGI for Godzilla, but I would love if Andy Serkis did a motion-capture performance. I am wondering if there will be any animatronic models or if it will be 100% CGI?
If you think about it, performance capture is kind of the modern equivalent of guy-in-a-rubber-suit special effects. You're using the movements of a human performer to directly animate a special-effects creature. So it would be appropriate here.
I belong to the Toho Kingdom message boards and many over there would love to see a motion capture perfromance and I would too!
This would also serve to keep Godzilla in a more traditional posture, rather than the modern accepted dinosaurian posture like the '98 film.

I also post to Toho Kingdom at times, but in all honesty the immaturity bubbles up so quickly there it isn't worth my time to post in anything except for current event threads like DVD releases and actual news (rather than speculation or wishful thinking) threads for G2014.
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