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Re: Vikings--history channel series (spoilers)

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Is it really possible to have spoilers about something the History Channel airs?

"Joey. Spoiler alert. Hitler loses."
When it's a historical drama, not a documentary? Sure.

I mean, just because Downtown Abbey is a period piece set during the Great War or the Roaring Twenties doesn't mean it can't have spoilers.
But, none of the characters in Downton Abbey are based on real historical figures. Ragnar Lodbrok did exist, and so while the details of the show may be different, If the show lasts long enough, you could expect certain documented events in his life to happen on the show. Like the raids into France, and the births (or adoption) of his other sons like Ivar the Boneless.
Depends how faithful and/or fictionalized the series is. I mean, look at MERLIN. We all knew that Arthur and Guenevere were probably going to get married at some point, and that Morganna was going to go over to the dark side eventually, but that didn't mean individual episodes couldn't get spoiled or that we knew exactly how everything was going to play out . . . .

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