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ENTER -- TNG Avatar Contest #66: Captain's Holiday

Welcome to the 66th TNG Avatar Contest! First I'd like to congratulate Praetor Shinzon and od0_ital for their wins in our last contest. Now, our new themes are...

Episode Theme: Captain's Holiday
Picard takes a much-needed vacation on Risa, but unwelcome events keep interfering with his rest.

TNG Theme: Tricorders
Let's see the crew solvin' the problems of the Enterprise-D with the handheld scanner thingies.

Random Theme: Water
A necessity for life on Earth, luckily it covers most of the planet!

Entries must be no larger than 150x150 pixels or 140kb in size. Entry will be open for 10 days, closing Saturday the 23rd. Following will be voting to choose the winners of the...

Golden Data

Designed by Klaus

Good luck!
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