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Re: Veronica Mars Movie - Kickstarter

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I'm less concerned with "Warner Bros. being wrong" than I am with what kind of model this could, theoretically, create for future filmmakers if Kickstarter is to be continually used this way.
No more crappy remakes? Fewer stupid "______ Movie" comedies? No more Tyler Perry?
Right. Because in one fell swoop, this would eliminate all those other movies that you don't like.

Look, I'm not saying this isn't a good thing for Veronica Mars fans. I'm just saying it has the potential to change how things get done in Hollywood, and not necessarily for the best for everyone. Kickstarter is a great tool for up and coming directors, producers, and writers and having a major studio use it for their own means - and thereby possibly setting the precedent - endangers the unique advantage Kickstarter provides for the struggling artists (myself included).
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