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Re: Veronica Mars Movie - Kickstarter

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It's pretty incredible how much money has been raised, certainly... but there are also just as many issues I am having with this. Why the hell does Warners need to use kickstarter of all things to get this project going? Do they really expect anyone to believe for a single moment they don't have the cash to make this movie?

I get wanting to gauge audience interest, but this seems like a really dangerous, really slippery slope with regard to filmmaking.
You're exactly right about Warner wanting to gauge audience interest--there's no risk in it for them by having Rob Thomas do a Kickstarter. Sure the show has loyal fans but that didn't translate into ratings for the show during its original run (being on UPN surely didn't help matters), and that's what matters to Warner. If this actually makes a profit, I'm guessing Warner will be a lot more interested in financing future Veronica Mars endeavors.
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