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Re: The original plan for Countdown

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Star Trek Online is easily the biggest new development in Trek apart from the Abrams movie. Criticizing it as doomed to fail (based on what evidence?)
Based on the evidence that most MMORPG in the west (not named WOW ) have only the life expectancy of a few years until they're discontinued or aren't supported anymore by the developers.
A function of video games themselves, not of the quality of the video games. Technology advances and trends change.

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and going after Denise Crosby for making the effort to be part of the effort just strikes me as being in poor taste. Again, are the novels really that much more popular, or more enduring?
Granted, I may worded that a bit flippantly, but it was more aimed at the guy giving the interview thinking that CBS would give a crap about killing of Sela, only because she has a bit of prominence in STO right now.
Am I wrong in thinking that Denise Crosby is the only actor from any of the five series involved in producing CBS-authorized Trek content? Or do the various fan productions count? That's something, regardless.

I am willing to bet that CBS would have cared and intervened had the character's end been treated less capably.
Please show me where I said anything about the quality of the game. All I said is that STO will be dead in a couple of years based on past experiences with MMORPGs, which you don't seem to deny.

And with the second point I don't even know what your problem is. The STO guy indicated that Pocket Books would do things behind CBS' back, and all I did was pointing out how ridiculous that it. Honestly, I think it is kind of frightening how little that guy seems to grasp the world of tie-in and licensing.
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