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Re: What if a new sci-fi series went to Netflix that wasAkickstarter p

Here's how to do a kickstarter project - revive some show that already has a sizable and rabid fan base.

Only four and a half hours into its fundraising campaign, the Veronica Mars movie became the fastest to hit $1 million in Kickstarter history. Tweeted the crowdfunding platform: ‏@kickstarter: Wow. Veronica Mars (@RobThomas @IMKristenBell) reached $1m in 4 hours 24 minutes, a new Kickstarter record. Looks like the cult series could reach its goal even faster than anticipated. $2 million by suppertime?
This may not be the intended use of kickstarter, since this is backed by the regular sort of Hollywood insiders, but I can see this sort of thing happening more and more in the future. On the internet, the biggest hurdle is publicity. A known brand name will always have a massive advantage.

But is a big-screen movie really the right place for this? Just because it can get a groundswell on kickstarter doesn't mean it can attract the mass numbers that theater owners are going to want. Maybe they're going for digital distribution only, but then they have the issue of getting this sucker out to anyone beyond just the niche crowd who invested in it. ($35 for a movie? I wouldn't pay that much even for several seasons of a TV series.) This is actually a good example of something that Netflix should be interested in.

So where's the Firefly kickstarter campaign? (Googling "firefly kickstarted" does not result in anything very edifying unless you like beer...?)

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