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Re: The original plan for Countdown

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What a weird post, Therin. Why equate multiple different generations of books under many authors and many editors with ONE game? Wouldn't it be more accurate to say that both Trek lit and Trek gaming have endured with a large array of multiple titles stretching back years?
Sure, but as a Pocket collector, I've seen the book line endure. Every few months/weeks, another title is added to my collection. Since December 1979.

I'm not a gamer, but have collected some ST games - and each run has arrived with a blast, run its course and vanished a few years later, only to be replaced by a different licensee's take and using a different gaming format. ST gaming has endured, but you have to be prepared to learn new sets of rules, switch formats, and see your older games become unusable as tech moves on.
But that's an element of the video game industry itself, it's not really something you can hold against the Trek games.
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