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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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although giving him only 20 years left to live was.
Doesn't that ruin the character for you? I mean, now you know how he's going to end up.

Its not like they said that 20 years from now he'd be president of a shadow occupied earth, as a possesed puppet of the shadows whose last free act would be to ask an enemy of his (lets say Morden, or Bester) to choke him to death to free him. Then, I would have been angry. But, they just said he had a mazimum of 20 years left. That is far different then telling me exactly how he dies.
I normally don't like to give spoilers, But, obviously you already know it, how in the Hell did you guess all that, just from finding out he had only 20 years to live? Did you look ahead at Spoilers? We told you not to do that!!!

Sorry, just kidding with you, that is not what really hapens, LOL
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