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Re: The only unknown actor from TOS...

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There was a glitch when I quoted him and it got credited to me. Wonder if you would have been so quick to rebut his comment?
Of course I would have been. You seem to have taken our minor disagreement personally, but I haven't. After all, we're strangers, so why should it be personal? It's just about getting the facts straight to me.

Cool. I'm glad most of us can see that TOS was never a show that anyone was ashamed to act in.

A few actors, such as Terri Garr got tired of answering questions about her minor guest shot 20 years later and refused to talk about it. probably a little self conscious of her early work as some actors are.

I also hate the myth of TOS as a 'low budget show'--TOS was NOT a low budget show.

It was simply that showing new worlds, matte paintings, costumes, ships, sets and props on what was a good budget was hard to do.

Unlike a Bonanza or Gunsmoke where every week the guest actors were wearing the same guns, the same outfits, riding the same horses, standing on the same sets as the guests from the previous week.
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