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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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although giving him only 20 years left to live was.
Doesn't that ruin the character for you? I mean, now you know how he's going to end up.

It didn't bother me. In the end, everyone dies. For all I know, he could go out heroically, or die in his sleep. The 20 year thing doesn't ruin his stuff. Its not like they said that 20 years from now he'd be president of a shadow occupied earth, as a possesed puppet of the shadows whose last free act would be to ask an enemy of his (lets say Morden, or Bester) to choke him to death to free him. Then, I would have been angry. But, they just said he had a mazimum of 20 years left. That is far different then telling me exactly how he dies.

Anyway, on to the episode I watched.

The Long Night - Londo's plan was a good one. You'd think the Emperor's personal guard would be a bit more open to bribes, especially since they have to realise at this point that he's insane and likely to get them all killed, if he doesn't kill them for fun. It was interesting that Vir was the one to land the killing blow on the emperor. His reaction to what he did was great. the whole scene with Vir and Londo after the assassination was really good. The Shadows way of killing planets was freaky. I never would have thought last season that the good guys would end up having to fight the vorlons to stop them from mass murder. This fight to save 6 billion people is going to be interesting. Sacrificing Hal from Malcolm in the Middle (thats where I know him from, well that and seinfeld) was rough, and a great scene. The narn's reaction to being set free was weird. They were totally defeated when they started a war with the Centauri. now, with no military, they want to get revenge. That revenge would probably just end with the centauri decided to exterminate them, and the narn couldn't stop it. You don't need to be a genius to figure out that attack a force that destroyed you completely when you actually had weapons to fight them is only going to end badly for you. This was a great episode, and i'm sure the next one will be awesome.
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