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Re: "Exile"...I hate when...

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...I see an episode and my brain raises a hugely obvious question, and yet the episode doesn't raise it.
The episode that does that for me is TNG's "When the Bough Breaks." It treats the Aldeans' inability to have children as some insoluble problem where the only choices are to kidnap children or die as a race... and it never once occurs to anyone that there must be plenty of orphans and other children put up for adoption all over the Federation, children who would've gladly volunteered to be adopted by the Aldeans rather than needing to be taken against their will. That was a simple, obvious solution to the whole problem, an easy way to convince the Aldeans that they didn't have to keep the children they'd taken, but nobody ever thought of it. Not to mention that it would've been a good, socially positive message for the episode to call attention to the benefits of adoption.
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