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Re: The only unknown actor from TOS...

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What about the ucredited faceless crew woman in "Charlie X"? Does moaning count?

That was king of hit and miss on TOS, the transporter operator in "That Which.." had no lines, (he moaned when he died) and got billing as did the guy who moaned when Karidian stabbed him in "Conscience.." (in the play)

But perhaps the 'faceless woman' actually had her moans dubbed over in post by someone else (or a 'stock moan' was on tape LOL) and therefore didn't get credit.

That's why I stick to 'spoken lines' in my count, because clearly everybody who coughed, choked, fainted and did stuff like that isn't really an actor (whether of not they may have held a SAG card)

What's kind of interesting is that there are about 6 or 7 actors who spoke lines on TOS and never had another single acting credit. If you were to thrown in everybody who moaned or winced--you'd have a lot of one-shot 'actors' who can at least say, "I was on Star Trek!"
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