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Re: Dallas - Season 2

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I'm pretty sure those are the pills that Mother and Norman... I mean Judith and Harris... gave her. IIRC, they're an anti-anxiety medication.
Which would get you mellow, not high I would reckon, though she was probably slamming down as much booze as everybody else seemed to that day and she took a swig from John Ross's bottle. So maybe not high but most assuredly plastered.

Caligula wrote:
I'd argue that it's Christopher who is the whiny pissant. John Ross has an excuse this week, considering his daddy is dead.
But Christopher is more the goody-two-shoes cousin in the dynamic, and given who raised him his reactions to events can be considered normal. John Ross, by comparison has always been a pissant, and given who his daddy was he should have outgrown that crap ages ago. Yes, this week he had an excuse. How do you explain pretty much the rest of the series?

Emma just came from a situation where her every move was being watched and controlled. I'm not at all shocked that she was getting high and screwing John Ross... because her grandmother and father aren't there to keep her from doing those things.
I'm not surprised, just disappointed that the writers couldn't wait an episode before having her spread her legs for a Ewing. It was an unneeded diversion from the rest of the awesomeness that was this episode.

It was she who was "wasted."

Elena was definitely underused, though, and this subplot with her and her brother is not going to do much to help with that.
Which is too bad because Jordana's the only one of the young'uns I like without reservation.
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