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Re: stalkin' my peeps - Welcome New Members thread!

^while you never ever flirt *secretly pulls the plug of Australis' halo*

Welcome to madness, qweird, Graysen and Robin Tobryn !
I'm a Niner myself, though I did like all other Trek series, too, except for the Original Series (but that's because I don't like Kirk. I'm very fond of Spock, though).

Don't be afraid of us oldies. Remember: we, too, have been newbies, once. And never be afraid to ask if there's something you didn't understand or if there's a problem. Like everywhere there are a few idiots/trolls/bullies, of course, but most people here are very nice.
I particularly recommend the Redshirt Lounge where all the lower ranks meet and can discuss things, have fun and get to know each other without the rest of the board watching them. Lounges are invisible to all ranks except for those they were made for. And traditionally, the Lounge moderators are the nicest ones Quite a lot of us oldies have real life friends they first met in one of the lounges here.
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