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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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I still have a couple of folders full of Zipatone shading at home.
Along with Rubylith, some no-repro blue pens, and the hot waxer for your galleys, no doubt. I had a meter-long T-square made from steel that I called "Excalibur." I parted with it some years ago during one of my moves. However, I still have the technical drawing set my mom used in school. The pens are all adjustable calipers for creating different weight strokes.

You should'a seen what we threw out here at work when the boss decided "okay, we're a computer graphics department now. Throw out all the old manual stuff." Tons of Alvin lettering templates in wooden cases; two huge boxes of Chartpak tape (I kept that!); rubylith; large sheets of tinted adhesive film; colored gels... it was painful.
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