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Re: 80's albums that hold up on any level

More generally, I suspect the albums mentioned on this thread will most likely be very subjective to a particular person's musical tastes and whatever stuff one has listened to over the last 20-30+ years.

For example back in the 1980's, I use to really hate bands like Duran Duran. Back in the day, I use to hang out with "headbanger" type crowds, where it was a "cardinal sin" to listen to stuff that wasn't heavy metal (or punk rock). Peer pressure at its utmost silliest extremes, back in school.

Fast forward to the early-mid 2000's, I picked up several Duran Duran albums on impulse, and was listening to them almost non-stop for several months. (I found them at a garage sale for $2 each).

This may be very subjective, but these days I think the first several Duran Duran albums have held up very well over the last 30 years. Back in the 80's and 90's, I wouldn't have thought of Duran Duran in this manner.
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