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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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That's the problem with assuming that Kirk never left the Nexus: it raises the question of how we know that Picard did.
Actually, that has always been a problem with Generations. Did Picard actually leave the Nexus, or did he only imagine that he left the Nexus? The Nexus is a philosophical problem that the ancient Greeks would have jumped for joy to experience.
Well, that degree of highbrow ambiguity just isn't a trope that Star Trek ever applied previously, so I don't believe that there's any reason to assume they started doing that in GEN. It was the real Picard and the real Kirk coming back to the real Prime Universe. That's how Star Trek rolls.

It's more that as soon as you move away from that and start swimming out in the deep end of the pool, you find that there's nothing to limit how deep you go.

ETA: I like dub's version 1. But that's not really highbrow ambiguity either, because it's telling you, "Hey look, I'm being ambiguous!" So that would work in Star Trek!
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