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Re: Classic Who on BBC America

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This is my own theory, which could admittedly be full of hot air. At anyrate, I think the pick for the Pertwee serial will be meaningful in terms of whether we'll get a multi-Doctor anniversary special.

If they pick The Three Doctors, it's to set the stage for newbies about the idea of multiple Doctors.

However, if they don't pick The Three Doctors, it's because they don't want people to expect a multi-Doctor anniversary special.
The problem there is that it's BBC America that's running the past-Doctor specials, and despite the name, they're not really the same entity as the BBC. They're owned by BBC Worldwide, but they're an American network with American executives (which is why they show so much American TV with only tenuous British connections, like Star Trek TNG). So the people who make the decisions about what programs BBC America will broadcast are not the same people who are making the decisions about what new Doctor Who stories BBC Cymru Wales will produce. Which means that the BBCA schedulers might not actually know what the anniversary special will be about.
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