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Re: Franz Joseph Blueprints Revisited

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It's easy to criticize the work now after so much else has been done since.
Ain't that the truth most of the time. Regardless of what I think now, as a teen, I poured over that paperwork like a hungry jackal. I still have those same blueprints and they are still front and center - cover showing - on one of my bookcases in my office.
As a teen back in 1978 I poured over that paperwork like a hungry jackal, too (especially since the cover card promised "authentic"!), and was instantly and utterly disappointed.

Every Friday our Trek fan club had viewings of the original episodes (the VCR video tape system) and I started making notes of corridor camera angles and all these details on copies - of the studio set plan published in The Making of Star Trek (just a little while later I got hold of the Season One blueprints sold by Lincoln Enterprises).

An accurate reproduction of the Enterprise's interior would have already been possible then, if one had approached the subject with more passion (anyway, I'm doing it now with a deck plan project of my own and use traditional paper and pencil techniques).

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