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Re: Examples of times Troi was used well in the series?

I honestly don't find her that great as a counselor, though I did think Dark Page was a good episode for her. She often comes across in counseling situations or in similar type situations as snooty. The way she handled Janet in The Loss even before the loss of her empathic abilities left something to be desired. I'm working on a master's in licensed mental health counseling myself and I find her style to be too confrontational at times and lacking in warmth or empathy.

I think it would have helped if we'd seen her function more as an actual counselor working with the crew rather than what we did see of her. As counselors go, I would have easily have found it more productive to talk to Ezri Dax.

I don't know. It's hard for me to really find good Troi moments I suppose because I really don't like her character much at all.
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