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Another couple of scenes I enjoyed

I like the Lancer, but it feels too overpowered. I replayed London with that and everything was going down easily
Lancer's a bit of a toughguy, but not nearly as much as the Harrier. Even on Insanity, I can take out a Banshee in, like, twenty seconds with a Harrier.

Lancer's a really good weapon for the biotic classes IMO. It's light enough and powerful enough to be your only weapon so you can pull off an insane number of charge-nova combinations, flying all over the battlefield like a can of ultra-condensed whupass. The Harrier is sort of this way too, but the extra weight and small capacity can potentially leave you screwed if you suddenly run into, like, four Ravagers in a row and then a Banshee shows up and you can't soften it up fast enough to kill it with a charge.
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