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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

Ex Post Facto

aka Voyager does Noir murder story, complete with femme fatale and some espionage. How could I not like it? It's by no means a standout amazing episode, but it had all the right moves to thoroughly entertain me.

Also the ship to ship combat was fun with Chakotay using an 'old' trick, Janeway being unimpressed but it working anyway because "the old tricks are new again".

I also really liked Tuvok invterviewing the widow, makes an incredible burn on her that actually got me laughing. "It is rare to encounter someone who is as dispassionate as we are."

One thing this episode did solidify for me was my problem with Away Teams. Although it makes sense in this instance, in nearly every instance so far Janeway has led them, which we know is a contradiction to Starfleet regs. Looking back at what little I can remember, and the general animosity toward Chakotay, maybe him reinforcing the point of the First Officer leading the Away Teams might have helped the character.
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