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Re: Trek guest actors in maybe surprising roles

I think everyone is aware of TOS stars/guest stars on The Twilight Zone, but a few ended up on Serling's final series, Night Gallery:

William (Matt Decker) Windom: "They're Tearing Down Tim Riley's Bar" & "Little Girl Lost"

Glenn (Cochrane) Corbett: "Brenda"

Lou (Lokai) Antonio: "Death on a Barge," which was directed by Nimoy.

Leonard (some Vulcan, maybe Stonn...T'Pol?) Nimoy: "She'll Be Company for You" co-starring Kathryn (Gem / "The Empath") Hays.

Jeff (Plasus) Corey: "The Dead Man"

Barbara (Lenore) Anderson: "Fright Night"

Susan (Vina) Oliver: "The Tune in Dan's Cafe"

Gary (Gary Mitchell) Lockwood: "The Ring with the Red Velvet Ropes"

*Charles (Landru / Jaris) Macaulay: "The Funeral"

*Barry (Surak) Atwater: "The Doll of Death"

Louise (Rayna) Sorel: "Pickman's Model" & "The Dead Man"

I'm sure there's more TOS guest stars on NG, but I cannot recall any at the moment.

*vampire trivia:

Macaulay portrayed a very undead "Count" in the Night Gallery episode, and Dracula in Blacula, which starred William (Daystrom) Marshall.

Atwater's best known role was a vampire--Janos Skorzeny in The Night Stalker TV movie.
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