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^ Personally I'd prefer an option for a middle ground. But with the endings that were given, that wasn't the case. It was a choice between depressing, more depressing and Wha?! Given how badly the options were handled, I think this is an appropriate response.
Hey, don't get me wrong, you like whatever you like, that's fine of course. As far as I'm concerned, I felt very satisfied with the options I was given and felt that they completed the story very well. I wouldn't have liked a regular "everything is back the way it was" happy ending, in fact I was glad that it was not even a possibility.

Thinking that the story could end with Citadel seems very unsatisfying for me, especially since the way the story is told ultimately makes Citadel bittersweet, which is something that doesn't happen very often in video games. I can understand that people felt attached to their characters and felt they deserved a better fate, but that's not my perspective at all.
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