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Indeed, I wonder if people who were fans of HCTB might have a problem with the book's portrayals, since it turns the show's villain into the hero (or at least antihero).
I wondered about that a little myself. But I get the impression HCTB wasn't too serious of a show so I'm not sure how bad of a villain Aaron Stemple could have been. After all, he was just trying to prevent some women from marrying so he would get a mountain and I'm guessing there was trickery involved but he wasn't resorting to murder, threats or the like. But hey, I could be totally wrong, it's guess work on my part.
My (fuzzy) memory is that Aaron Stemple was more of a rival to our heroes than an out-and-out villain. He worked against our heroes' interests, and wanted to see them fail, but, no, he wasn't tieing the Brides to railroad tracks or anything. He was a competitor, not an arch-nemesis.

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