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Re: Being Human series 5

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Well it was a more upbeat ending than I expected but why did they have to pull that bit at the end?
I was genuinely expecting them all to die and maybe even have the devil win. Still, this was nice too.

I'm still annoyed this got cancelled after just one full series of Hal, Tom and Alex though. I would quite happily watch another series of those three watching Cash in the Attic/Bargain Hunt if that's what's on offer!
That wasn't what I was talking about. I meant the

Yeah, I was expecting them all to die and saving the world to be the happy ending of sorts. And I agree it's a shame we only got a short time with these guys, would gladly have kept watching, but at least it was a decent ending. I guess we just hope that In The Flesh is good and continues for a few series.
Ah right. That did seem unnecessary. Apparently though there will be an extra/deleted scene on the DVD that will clarify the ending properly. I understand why it was put there (well, presumably) to leave it open for more if another series were to ever happen. But it really wasn't needed as it stands, and was far too similar to a... certain blockbuster sci-fi film about dreams from a few years, shall we say.
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