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I am stuck on an optional tomb...I think I understand what I am suppose to do, but it just cant be done. Hall of Ascension sucks
Pretty sure I just did that. Is that the really windy one?

If so, I had a small issue before I realized I was supposed to close the window. Once I did that, it was a piece of cake.
I pretty much knew what I had to do by looking at the room, I just couldn't get the platform to swing far enough, like my Lara got fat or something. I watched a video and thought to myself my room must be bugged cause my platform goes no where near that far. I closed the program down, reloaded the save and started over and it worked fine.

None of the tombs are very complex. The first one I did was the flooded vault and it took a few moment for me to understand the tomb concept after that it wasn't hard at all.
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