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Re: 911 Operater Pleads With Nursing Home Nurse to Save a Life

I just find it horrifying that the situation even exists where someone has to do the mental calculation of "If I try to save this person's life, I may lose my job."

I'm not defending the nurse. I don't know her, and she may be a wonderful person. On the recording of the 911 call I heard, it really sounded like she didn't care at all that a woman was dying right in front of her, but I can't say.

Still, it amazes me that a nurse would be forced to consider that she might lose her livelihood and possibly harm her own ability to support her family in order to prevent another human being from dying. Someone earlier joked about death panels, but in this situation, that's exactly what the nurse has to become. Is the life of an 87 year old woman who might die anyway (and probably won't live too much longer even if she survives this incident) worth the financial risk to me and my family? I know I sound sanctimonious, but is that really where we are as a society?
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