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Re: Examples of times Troi was used well in the series?

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I liked some of her roles functioning as first contact advisor or cultural attache or diplomatic officer. You know, aiding Picard in those situations.

I believe the Titan books have her as formal diplomatic officer. She worked well in that role, beyond psychologist counselor.
I like this premise. It would have made her character a lot stronger if she was introduced as the Diplomatic Officer from the get go. It would validate her presence on the bridge and give her a more important role among the senior staff. Most of what we see Troi do on screen falls more into the diplomatic scope of responsibiliites anyway. There are only a handful of episodes where we see her doing any real counseling.

I see the need for a counselor on a starship but I don't see the need for a counselor to be a member of the senior staff.
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