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Re: Thoughts on "Valiant"?

It was an excellent episode for the most part. But after watching I thought that it could have been even better if Jake and Nog hadn't been involved at all - if the entire episode just began and ended with the crew of the Valiant. I mean, the only real reason they're there is to justify the episode and I think that if the producers had believed they could 'get away with it', they might have done it that way. It's a lot to cram into one episode, but a more organic dissenting tendency arising among the crew as the 'mission creep' Watters is ensuring takes place becomes more and more blatant, culminating in an attempt at mutiny and then the failed assault on the Dominion ship - that could have been bloody marvellous.

It would have removed the need for the miraculous character shield escape pod business with Jake and Nog, too. Not that I think it's a fault of the episode per se - but I think it could have been significantly better if they'd done it that way.
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