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Re: Ghost Light - What the hell is going on?

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Fenric made my Top 10 TV Who Stories in that thread I made a few weeks back. Both Fenric and Ghost Light are very complex, multi-faceted stories. I find them a real antidote to a lot of the modern sci-fi out there that is practically screaming with pride about how dumb, cookie cutter and simplistic it is (Hi, Jar Jar Abrams!).
There is nothing "very complex" or "multi-faceted" about "The Curse of Fenric". It is, like "Star Trek", a straightforward, well-told story. And the only reason "Ghost Light" is "very complex" is because it's just not very good, and people mistake that for deliberate sophistication.
Yeah I kinda agree, although I do think there are deeper ideas at play behind Fenric, the difference is one is a story that wants to be deep and meaningful yet still realises it needs to tell a story, the other is Ghostlight....
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