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Re: Oz the Great and Powerful - Grading & Discussion

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the slippers are silver in the books, and MGM wanted ruby ones to take advantage of the color.
I hate to be that guy, but in the books they're silver shoes, not slippers.

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The Emperors force lighting was blue.

Although yes the effect did look similar but that's because it's lighting.

Lightning looks like lightning and other than MAKING IT GREEN, lightning is going to continue to look like lightning most of the time.

I've seen shit about Harry Potter Wands vs. light sabres elsewhere on and off.
I understand this. But coupled iwth the lines, "....I've been waiting a long time for this," and that the good witch faught the lightening off with her wand which is similar to a light sabre just seemed to me, like a shameless rip off of the Sith.
I saw the movie and at no time did any of that enter my mind. A wand is similar to a light One is a deadly weapon about three feet long, glows and has a distinctive sound. The other is a stick about a foot long. Not even close to being the same.

This is what a rip off might look like:

Oh,'s an homage!

The new movie was enjoyable, much more so than the recent Alice In Wonderland movie. It certainly had more heart. While Return To Oz did the best in terms of faithful portrayals of the various characters, I think this movie did best in giving us the world itself. Oz was larger and more expansive, not to mention better realized than previous movies.

I hoped Disney would've gone for a more faithful to the books approach, and that they would've tried to build a franchise out of it as well. I guess we'll see where they go next, if at all.
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