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Re: Earth ship Valiant

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Wouldn't Botany Bay qualify as an example of artificial gravity already present in the 1990's on the DY-100 ships?
Yes, so then the Slaver gravity built had to have been found by then.
Assuming it's actually that Slaver-era technology on the Botany Bay, then, yeah, it would have to be found by then. Good catch, blssdwlf!

But then, why wouldn't it be the Slaver-era technology? It's just so magical to begin with that, in many ways, it strains imagination more, if it's not the technology from the stasis box.

It's kinda obvious at this point but still worth stating, Niven's premise there in TAS could begin to explain how Star Trek's future history has humanity being so much more advanced in terms of spaceflight than we are, just across the board. Once studied and replicated, one piece of magical technology is going to have ramifications on all sorts of fields, that I'd expect to be compounded to cause great leaps in development.
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