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Re: Levar Burton aka Geordi La Forge criticizes Star Trek 2009

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Films in general are about taking us along on a trip to somewhere far away, be it Tatooine, the RMS Titanic, Pandora, or even the USS Enterprise. We watch these films hoping to connect with the story, we want to be there. That is not just good film making, that is good storytelling.

2001 is supposedly THE smart movie, but I could hardly feel with the characters (honestly, I thought of it more as a visual event than a story) now 2010 I enjoyed more, I was a part of the story.

Movies are stories, we want to be a part of that story, and with modern technology we can do that now. We have whole worlds for which we can escape to, that's the point.
It's not either-or. Good fiction is able to keep us emotionally engaged, and upon more viewings or readings, themes and character arcs emerge.This is like saying: "I like how the French painting makes me feel when I look at it. Who cares what the artist was trying to say?"

If you're not trying to convey some message in art, it's not worth it. I don't like my time wasted and that's what a movie is without it. I go to think first, be entertained second. I just want something deeper or at least different.
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