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Re: NBC Sucks! AKA NBC Primetime lowest watched week ever!

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They have been in the weeds a lot longer then 5 years, one could make the argument that since Friends left the air 9 years ago that the network has produced nothing but crap and critical darlings that not enough people care about. (Hi Thursday night!)
A year ago I read an article that talked about how only ~5 shows lived past season 2 in the last several, mostly under the rule of Jeff Tucker the Dumbfucker. They were Parenthood, Chuck, Heroes and some others, but none lived longer than 5 seasons.

They are in serious trouble and showing ads on The Weather Channel and NBC isn't going to help. No one watches either one to get word out, even if the new shows are decent.

The next one to have this problem with be Fox, then ABC, then CBS will crash down too after they have two nights of NCIS, and their aging sitcoms die.

It's just amazing to watch History getting the best ratings ever with Bible and Vikings and cable kicking ass while the networks just completely fall apart. And no one can blame the lame rating system because the same is used for cable.
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