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Re: DAmar - the perfect soldier?

I admit that I didn't pay Damar much attention until The Final Chapter. My viewpoint on him went from Dukat's thug to the Dominion's puppet. After watching the series over again with my interest in Damar heightened, I did find him to be pretty interesting.

As far as being a perfect soldier, I think that's a fair assessment of him. He's a very competent officer - something I didn't notice the first time I watched the show. It's kind of insane the number of duties he juggled during the Dominion occupation of the station. For instance, why would the adjutant to the leader of Cardassia have to worry about storage bays being ready to incoming ships or have to assign someone else, (Kira) to deal with it?

Someone that talented first seen stuck on a freighter makes me wonder if he was stationed there as a punishment like the way Dukat was. Disciplined for drinking too much? And his loyalty to Dukat is understandable considering they spent months as a renegade crew dependent on only each other. Maybe one of the reasons the Dominion choose to take over leadership is the hope they would gain some of that depth of loyalty for themselves.
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