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Re: Picard in a TNG reboot

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By the time of Nemesis, Picard and Riker had essentially flipped roles with the former leading away teams and the latter staying behind on the bridge. A TNG reboot could merely start from that position.

Picard could be a seasoned, no-nonsense war veteran that was contemplating retirement when Starfleet offers him command of its newest dreadnought, the Enterprise. Picard soon finds himself having to break in a battle-inexperienced crew, including a cocky young first officer and an android second officer.
PICARD: A week away from retirement and the Borg choose now to attack! I'm getting too old for this shit!
The boring one, the one with Khan, the one where Spock returns, the one with whales, the dumb one, the last one, the one with Kirk, the one with the Borg, the stupid one, the bad one, the new one, the other one with Khan.
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