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Re: Who should voice the Enterprise computer?

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I've often tried to think of actresses who had similar voices to Majel Barrett's, but her tones were pretty distinctive. I think Stockard Channing has a fairly similar voice -- maybe Susan Sullivan, a bit less so. Wendie Malick? Katey Sagal?
I like all of these

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Christopher wrote: View Post
I think Stockard Channing has a fairly similar voice
Excellent suggestion, was just going to make it also. Nancy Pelosi'd be a great choice too. And Candice Bergen... definitely an older, classy lady.
Candice Bergen might be OK too.

Nancy Pelosi?

Kirk: Computer Scan that Nebula for it's makeup and calculate devastation spread if we blow up that ship
Computer: I'm sorry Captain, you'll have to blow up that ship before I can tell you what's in the Nebula
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