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The irritating thing is that they could so easily have set up the Citadel DLC to play out as post-ending content if they'd wanted to.

If you play through the ending and go with high EMS destroy - Shepard lives, and then the Citadel DLC launches from your legend save. You get left Anderson's apartment after he dies, and you remove the odd remark about the Reapers and the war in the present tense. Done.
Er... Destroy wrecks the Citadel - Destroys it, pretty much. Plus no EDI and I don't Joker's gonna be in a partying mood. Not to mention allllll the bodies and destruction, how are you gonna make that sync up?

Plus, why should you have to pick Destroy to get to play it?

Evil Twin wrote: View Post
Rather bummed we didn't get any new casualwear.

Oh, and where's the Mordin content? Completely missed it (I did the completely quiet party if that matters.)
Speaking of casualwear, I wish Miranda had kept that nice red dress on throughout. Or, hey make it an optional casualwear for FemShep and bring back the tux for MalShep. Though really, the leather jacket look should be available for both.

When you wake up the morning after, there's a padd lying in the bedroom with Mordin content. All recordings, but some hilarious and touching stuff.
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