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Re: The original plan for Countdown

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Pocket's novel line has endured since December 1979.
1. Didn't Simon & Schuster nearly encounter bankruptcy in 2008?
The entire global economy nearly collapsed in 2008. The effect that had on S&S was not greatly different from the effect it had on the rest of the publishing industry and no doubt quite a few other industries. And S&S is now recovering along with the rest of the publishing industry and the rest of the US economy. So I'm not sure what your point is here.
My point was that even a line of books as seemingly secure as the Star Trek series could stop publication altogether for any number of reasons, even reasons not having to do with the financial viability of the line. Sic transit gloria mundi.

2. Even if the current novel line does remain with a Pocket that enjoys unbroken continuity, the current novel continuity doesn't have to endure. The Powers That Be may decide that a return to the Richard Arnold era would make more sense. Or, perhaps more plausibly, they might decide that continuing to produce material set in a timeline that Trek isn't going to explore again will just confuse new Trek fans.
That seems doubtful. Marvel & DC haven't stopped putting out comics and novels set in their comics continuities just because the movies are set in different continuities. The general public, and the marketing departments, don't worry as much about the niceties of continuity as the more dedicated fans do. The broader audience just wants to see the familiar characters, and the folks on the business end don't care what continuity something's in as long as it makes a profit.

Don't get me wrong; you're right to say there's no guarantee that the current novel continuity will last indefinitely. But if it does end, I doubt it will be for those reasons. The most likely reason is the one that led to the end of the '80s novel continuity -- contradiction by new canon. But since new screen content is in an alternate reality, the odds of contradiction seem slim. Other than that, the only reason I can see why a wholesale change might be ordered is if the current continuity stops selling well.
I don't disagree here.

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