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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

What class was Ceti Alpha V after the big disaster knocked it out of M?

The Federation is stupid if they are all hands off of planets with some monkeys or microbes on them in case they evolve into sentience. No one else is going to be so prissy about it, the Klingons will just show up and strip mine it or whatever. If they filled these planets up with a bunch of holograms they would have some claim on them with minimal investment. Then once the holograms have turned the monkey planets into paradises there could be a mysterious accident with the holo projectors, or better yet a virus.

If all the EMH drones we saw in the mine were suddenly liberated, all with mobile emitters how long would it take them to develop into distinct people? As in, not immediately recognizable as the Doctor's personality. Sure they might branch off into different interests and pursuits but I bet even if they all changed their appearance five minutes of talking to one of them would have VOY's crew knowing they were EMH Mark 1's.

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