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Re: Earth ship Valiant

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And, didn't Mitchell suggest that this poem was written within two centuries of his year? So, if Phineas Tarbolde was a human, and if that human was living on a planet outside the Sol System, could it be argued that there were active warp ships at the time?

Phineas is a human name, with its origins in the Bible.
I probably should have gone on to include that bit of dialog, too, in my previous post. is down at the moment, but listening to my disk, what Gary says is:
"That's one of the most passionate love sonnets of the past couple of centuries."
Now, that might suggest two centuries, but as native English speakers know, not everyone who says "couple" always literally means "two"; "few" can also be meant, and dictionaries concur [e.g. 4 in 1 of and 3 and usage note 2 in]. Where to draw the line is a little fuzzy, but I'd agree with the words in the Book of Armaments, Chapter 2, verses 9-21, that, "Five is right out."

It's also worth noting that I don't hear Lockwood say "Phineas"; it's something like "Ply". credits the Star Trek Concordance for establishing Tarbolde's first name as Phineas. It's not clear to me why Bjo assigned it. She usually has a reason, whether it's from background notes, scripts, or something else with some sort of authority. I don't have a script to check what's in there; perhaps someone else can chime in on this point.

I think it's possible that inserted "Phineas" into their WNMHGB transcript, in order to be in accordance with Memory Alpha's data; perhaps they couldn't tell what it was supposed to be otherwise.

Lockwood also flubbed the pronunciation of Canopus. The delivery is excellent, so perhaps the director didn't think it was worth re-shooting; or maybe that is the way the script reads, too.

Anyway, "couple of centuries" isn't hard enough to pin down to precisely two centuries. But yeah, the episode did indeed suggest that sort of time-frame.
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