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Re: The only unknown actor from TOS...

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Who cares about all that BS?
I'm sad for you that you're so hostile to new information. But this is not a private conversation between the two of us. This is a public board and this thread may be read by hundreds of people, some of whom may very well be interested in that information.

New information?

Little known tidbits like actors who sign a contract, show up for work, say their lines--STILL GET PAID FOR THE WORK EVEN IF THEIR PART IS CUT!!!!

Wow, thanks for clearing that up for all us morons on this board.

When you give us the first information I don't already know---then I'd be grateful.

And by the way, in reality Mickey Morton was neither a stuntman or an 'actor'--he was a 'stunt actor'.

That is a person who will sometimes have no lines but is hired for his presence (in his case--big) and fighting skill and sometimes has lines and also does some sort of physicality.

Perfect example is Paul Baxley who doubled for the stars many, many times in fights and had no lines and got no billing and other times had a few lines and got into some fighting (Freeman in 'Trouble..", 'Patrol Leader' in "Private...', Security guard in "Assignment.." and soldier in "Patterns..") and GOT billing.
In all those cases he had a few or so lines and also did his usual stunt work.

My interest is actors who had lines on air, regardless if they got billing or not. Many actors on TOS had lines and got no billing---that doesn't mean they didn't act and I could give a fig for an actor who got billing and their part was never seen on air.

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