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Re: The Walking Dead Season 3

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I liked Glenn and Beth trying to keep a lid on Merle, but he's never going to be anything but trouble.

I want to see Beth rise to the occasion and not be another supporting character/victim (Patricia, Jimmy, Otis, et al). She's attempted suicide, moved beyond it, has a serious interent in Judith's welfare (surrogate mother role more than Carol or Maggie), and has arrived at a no nonsense place in her life.

After all of that, the next part of her growth will be in the soldier department--or I hope that is the next part.
Agreed. I wouldn't use the term "soldier" for where I'd like to see her go, but turning Beth into, essentally, Comics Andrea would be great. Calm, friendly, collected and generally arguing for the more humane approach against Rick and Michonne, and taking a huge interest in caring for the children - but perfectly capable and willing to rapidly eliminate a threat.
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