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Re: Breaking News: THE CLONE WARS Has Been Cancelled

I'm just trying to keep as open a mind as possible about the Disney takeover. After all, Marvel and its associated films and other multimedia projects have flourished under the Disney umbrella and very few of us would call The Avengers any sort of celluloid disaster.

Disney brings factors to the table that both inspire and concern me. They could knock the new Sequel Trilogy clean out of the ball park and make them the best SW films in more than thirty years, then again they might not. Point is: the buyout just recently happened and the smoke hasn't settled yet. It's a little premature to hit the Red Alert button and predict disaster for the SW franchise when a lot of us are still getting used to saying "Disney now owns Lucasfilm."

I'm profoundly disappointed about the decision to cancel The Clone Wars but for all we know the end of the show might have been in the works before Lucas sold the company. The ratings have been declining for a long time now, the magic 100-episode threshold has been passed and there are the rumors that have circulated for some time now that Season Five might be the last.

I'm just going to take a wait-and-see attitude. It's out of our hands anyways.
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